A Small Update

Wow, what a rollercoaster it has been.


We're not even 6 months into our journey and have already been surprised by the feedback that we are receiving, we thank you all and hope you carry on travelling with us on our truly amazing journey.


We owe huge thanks to the people that have trusted us to prove ourselves, we will forever be grateful that you helped us to get a footing and start building our reputation. 


We have developed a Content Management System (CMS) that not only powers simple blogs or brochure websites for small and medium sized businesses, it can also power full featured Ecommerce websites with a stock inventory below 1 million products. We are honored to announce that Propane will be available on Monday 10th October.


Propane? please explain some more.

Of course, Propane is a part automated Content Management System that bolts on to the backend of your website, giving you full control over YOUR website. We are truly proud to show off some of the features that Propane offers.


Editing the content on your website is completely possible, want to change the wording around without breaking anything? Sure, you can do that!


Creating new pages is just a few clicks away, you won't need to hire a web developer again!


We have developed a complete blog system that will sister your frontend website allowing you to expand your reach to your customers. Creating blog posts and blog categories is all done using Propane, we have kept everything in one place.
Blogging is a great way to keep a personal level between your business and your customers, we have created self generating RSS Feeds meaning you can use any already exisiting 3rd party application to automatically post any blog posts you create to your social media accounts.


You can schedule blog posts and new pages to go live on date and at a time that you choose, if you would like a page to go live at 9:30am on a Friday morning but you're going to be in a meeting, then great, set a schedule and your page will go live without the need for you to be sitting in front of a computer.
Your business will not be limited to your working times, your business will be available to your customers 24 hours a day.


We have created a calendar system that works flawlessly in allowing you to store any meetings or any other important events that you may have coming up whilst providing you with notifications the day before of the date of your stored event, making sure you don't forget what you have booked... We know how busy life gets running a business. 


Analytics for income, customers and the city you are most popular in, plus more.


We will monitor your website and promise a 10 minute response time in alerting you to any downtime that your website may experience, keeping your downtime to a minimum. You will recieve a monthly report listing any downtime that your website may have recieved, helping your website maintainer to see what may have gone wrong and minimize any future downtime.


So, what is your plan now?

We are completely dedicated to making sure that Propane provides you with an experience that you expect whilst extending on other areas to give you a VIP service, bettering us from any competition.


We will be giving Propane 100% focus and attention and will provide future updates keeping your website up to date and in turn giving your customers a smooth experience.
We will be continuing to provide custom websites that work around you and your business, that won't ever change.


Also, we are currently live testing an extension to Propane that is automating warehouse environments from all aspects including automatic stock count to dispatching of stock and everything in between, cutting the need to employ a team of people all while running in your web browser.
We should have started with that, that's a pretty big deal right?


October 05 2016 - 11:14:04

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