Case Study: Little Mitchells

I recently completed the design and development of the website for Little Mitchells, a local family run business that sells a range of childrens clothing.


I met with both Steven and Helen after arranging a meeting and we discussed in depth the requirements for their new website as well as their main target audience, which in this case was parents viewing and purchasing items listed within the Little Mitchells catalog of products when they had a few moments to themselves. This also meant that a mobile design to sit side by side with their main website was absolutely necessary.


A majority of features and abilities that they required are already implemented into Propane, this then allowed me to offer Propane as a viable solution to their problem, after a short demonstration it was agreed that it would be a great fit on the promise of implementing new features that they solely requested (I did). This in turn gives a decreased development time which in turn also reduced costs whilst still providing everything that was required.


Steven and Helen provided me with a color scheme for their website design, a general idea of what they were looking for and the font style they wished to be used but they weren't sure on a layout but did have a rough idea what they was looking for, with that I provided a design and asked for their feedback.



LM Mockup 1



Steven and Helen were both happy with how well the color scheme worked but requested some changes to the design, so with that I went back and implemented changes to meet their requests.
I made minor changes and I submitted a second design and again asked for their feedback.



 LM Mockup 2



Steven and Helen both agreed that this layout was a step in the right direction but they felt that something was still not quite right and to their absolute liking, they gave me permission to go ahead and make further changes to the design in the hope that I could provide a design that they were absolutely 100% happy with.
I took the positive remarks of both designs that I had already submitted and merged them into a new design and made some minor changes that I hoped would be changes that would point this design in the direction that both Steven and Helen envisioned instead of a step backwards.


 LM Mockup Final



With the third design change submitted to Steven and Helen, they came back to me and agreed and confirmed that the third design would be the design that I was to implement in to their new website.
It had already been agreed that the mobile design would be a simple collapsed version of their main website instead of a whole new seperate design just for mobile devices, this again kept development time down which in turn kept costs down for Steven and Helen.


Development of the Little Mitchells website then began and I provided restricted access to Steven and Helen to allow them both to follow all development progress and watch their website being developed in real time.


Once I had completed development of the Little Mitchells website, I submitted it for a final review and it was a smooth process, both Steven and Helen were happy with the end result.


We then arranged another meeting where I would then show in depth the full features offered by default within Propane and shadowed them as they proceeded to perform actions themselves to get to grips with how things work, such as adding new pages to their website and editing product descriptions. This also gave time for Steven and Helen to ask any questions that they may have, which they did and I answered over a cup of tea.


Little Mitchells is a strong contender for my favourite project that I have worked on, it was fun, it was relaxed and relatively stress free. Steven and Helen both made this experience painless and an absolute pleasure.


I would like to wish both Steven and Helen nothing but the best of luck in their online adventure and expansion to their business.

- Shaun Chattell

July 31 2017 - 18:26:53

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