Hello and welcome

Firstly, thank you for even making it this far, it is truly appreciated.
Secondly, this is our blog, something we have been lacking and putting off for a while but can no longer put off. We have laid this out in a way to answer any questions that may or may not be asked.




What happened to your other blog?

We're trying really hard to forget that ever happened, our blog was previously automatic and an evident failed experiment. Almost 6 months after pulling the plug on the autoblog we are still bombarded with ridiculous amounts of spam. Our comment section was not automatic and we did manually approve genuine looking comments as well as manually ignoring all comments that looked like spam. Still to this day we recieve spam in our email inbox offering herbal remedies and obvious malware with attachments to word documents with "bank account" information... Excellent. 
We found and still continue to find our URL on low quality websites that also appear to be autoblogging. We ended up as part of a network of bots and and auto scrapers. The blog was running auto for 13 months with minimal input and we learned a very valuable lesson.
Don't cut corners, it doesn't work out well.




Ok, that's great... But who are you?

We are a startup web development agency based in Daventry, Northamptonshire in the UK. We provide custom developed websites and backend systems to a varied audience of business owners.
We are not actively advertising within the budget market that are providing websites using pre-built templates, or are reliant on frameworks, we don't do that. Each project we work on is custom to that very project and we pride ourselves in doing so, we don't use pre-built themes or templates.
We have 14 years experience and have completed work on job boards, we dislike the term freelancer but technically it is what we were. We are proud of the work we have completed and proud of the connections that we have made, but it is time for us to venture into the web developer world on our own and provide customers with the quality that they rightly deserve.




So, you reinvent the wheel?

Absolutely not. We prefer to look at it like we are baking cakes, sure you can buy a pre mixed cake mix that will give you a cake at the end, but it will never match a cake that is made from scratch. The experimenting with ingredients is always sure to win, not happy with an ingredient? Remove it, think that there is something missing? You can add it.

We have developed and can develop backend panels to suit your very need, we can develop your website to your exact specification. We have no limitations, we are not restricted by any framework restrictions. If a feature is not available to you, we will extend your framework to give you your requested feature.
That is what we do.




What's the plan for the blog now?

We are running this blog, we, us, actual human people.
This entry is just a hello from us and to explain who we are and our plan for the blog. There will be no more posts like this, the content we will be blogging about will be relevant to information that people are searching for.

Also, if you're providing free content such as fonts and icons then please let us know and we will be more than happy to promote your giveaway in a dedicated blog post.

We look forward to providing you with relevant information and new content.
Please check back regularly, many thanks.

August 03 2016 - 2:49:31

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